Portable Wheelchair Stair Lift Comes to U.S. to Help Aging Mom

mobility lifter

Mobility Lifter founded in 2011. Has been formed out of a need to assist my aging mother (In loving memory at 98 May 2012 “a thousand times we will miss you”) up and down the stairs of our home. In 2009 when my mother came to live with us her doctors informed us that her knees could no longer take the abuse of going up and down the stairs. This left her stranded and confined to the bedroom upstairs and away from the family and people who love her. With determination, enthusiasm, love and wanting to keep her part of the family we started our search for a product to allow her to again be part of our family and the everyday interaction the occurs on the main level of our home. After many months of researching I discovered that the only device that was available in the USA was extremely expensive and limited to only our home because it would need to be installed on our stair case. Shortly after we discovered SANO and their product LIFTKAR PT manufactured in Austria. Unfortunately LIFTKAR PT was not currently available in the USA but was the answer to our prayers. We contacted Sano directly and were told they did not have a dealer available in the USA. FDA restrictions and the lack of personnel to pursue the work needed to achieve the product approvals made it too difficult to have LIFTKAR PT available here. Working together with Sano we created Mobility Lifter, LLC the exclusive LIFTKAR PT dealer here in the USA. LIFTKAR PT is now available to all of us in the USA and Canada exclusively through Mobility Lifter, LLC.


LIFTKAR PT is a product designed to benefit the family, the professional and the commercial marketplace. Because it is attendant operated, easy to use, battery operated and lightweight, this stair climber is completely mobile and usable anywhere, in or out, up or down almost any stairs. Please take the time to review this product and contact us if you any additional questions.





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