Accessorize Your Liftkar PT Portable Stair Lift with More Comfort Features


Article No. 045 141

Extra charger unit BC-PT (Euro plug) Having two charger units can be useful if you need to top up the charge on your Liftkar PT battery regularly at different locations.


Mobile Charger
Article No. 945 120

Mobile charger BC 10-30 VDC-PT Recharge a Liftkar PT battery unit on the move - plugs into the cigarette lighter socket on any vehicle.



UK adapter plug - Article No. 045 142

USA adapter plug - Article No. 045 143

Australia plug - Article No. 045 144


Battery Unit
Article No. 004 150

  • Extra battery unit
  • Charge a second battery unit if your Liftkar PT stairclimber is in constant use. Weight:4.3kg, Capacity:5.2Ah, Voltage:24VDC
  • Maintenance-Free, Leak-Proof Lead Gel Cell (approved by DOT and IATA for transport by air)

Article No. 945 191

Headrest - slots into PT handle units on all models of Liftkar PT


Threshold Cover
Article No. 111 031

This new patent pending Threshold Cover 16" x 24" has 2 elements that make using this simple and easy. A hinged 4" plate that will act as a second ramp over the threshold and a foam extension that can be move out or in to extend the coverage over wider thresholds or thresholds with stoops. The use of the foam does not impede the Liftkars wheels from locking once it reached the edge of the step on the other side of the threshold.


Back Rest Pad
Article No. 111 001

  • The Back Rest Pad
  • Attaches to the handle of the Liftkar PT-U or PT-A
  • Provideds additional padding for the back.

5 Point Harness
Article No. 111 020

5-point belt system - Option is for PT S and PT-S narrow


Chest Belt
Article No. 945 118

2-Point chest belt attaches to PT-S model only.


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