How Liftkar PT Works

Rugged Liftkar PT Stair Climber Benefits Both Rider and Caregiver

The operator always has a relaxed posture and a straight back while using the Liftkar PT. There is no strain on the back or arms because the stairclimber is balanced during operation. The operator has one hand on the crossbar and one hand on the UP-DOWN switch.

The Liftkar PT's patented mechanical mechanism and stable base converts the climbing movment into a relaxing comfortable transition up and down the stairs.

Rugged Braking System

Robust automatic step brake wheels stop the Liftkar PT reliably on the edge of the step. The wear –free brake lining inside the main wheel provides a secure hold for immediate braking.

Intuitive Control Layout

All functions within easy reach: ON/OFF, speed adjustment, switching from single step mode to continuous mode can all be selected while using the Liftkar PT on the stairs.

Lightweight Modular Design

Liftkar PT is lightweight, disassembles into three parts and can easily be stored in any vehicle. And with the mobile charger the unit is always ready for action.

Two Up Down Switches

Designed with you in mind! Ideal for left-handed and right-handed operators.

Ergonomic Handle Unit

The handle unit is designed for right and left-handed operators. A non-slip rubber coating provides optimum hold.

Level Indicator

The integrated level indicator and audible alarm help to optimize your balance during the climbing sequence.

Get Carried Away!

The Liftkar PT brake wheels activate the powerful braking system inside the rims of the main wheels. Tilting the stairclmber back slightly gradually applies the brakes, so there is no risk of the Liftkar running away on slopes or ramps.

Easy to Use

The intuitive controls on the Liftkar PT stairclimbers are easy to learn. The most important thing is getting a feel for balance during operation. Operators will have the system mastered after the training and certification.



Liftkar PT in action

Liftkar PT-U

Liftkar PT-S

Liftkar PT-A


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