Liftkar PT-U

The PT-U requires a manual wheelchair, which is rolled onto the platforms and locked into place. The lifting arm lifts the passenger up and down the stairs while the attendant guides the unit.

Liftkar PT-S

The PT-S is an attendant operated transporter designed with a built in seat, no wheelchair is required. The armrests are movable to allow for easy access.

Liftkar PT-A

The PT-A uses Quick Release Wheelchairs, climb narrow and winding stairs with ease. Keep the LIFTKAR attached after the wheels are back on and move around freely in your wheelchair.


...Liftkar makes it's TV debut, follow the link to view!
**LIFTKAR PT REQUIRES NO MODIFICATIONS TO THE HOME!** The Liftkar PT is a BATTERY POWERED, portable, attendant operated stair climber designed to aid the transportation of people up and down stairs, for INDOORS and OUTSIDE. ANY stair configuration whether CURVED, ANGLED OR STRAIGHT! ANY Material Type Carpet, Steel, Wood, Concrete... The LIFTKAR models work with manual, transport, children’s and sports wheelchairs. It does not work with electric or powered chairs.
    Where there are stairs Liftkar can assist, such as home * Commercial Buildings* Ambulance Companies * Fire Dept.* Schools & Churches * Emergency Evacuation the possibilities are endless.
Liftkar is so unique; it will fit into your RV, chartered jets, or the aisles of airplanes. Lightweight and easy to disassemble into three parts, the LIFTKAR restores your mobile independence.

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