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Get the Facts about Mobility Lifter’s Stair Walker

It is simple. The technology of the Liftkar PT is the same on all models. It is an attendant operated, battery powered electric stair climber A lifting (climbing) device transports the passenger to the next step. The total weight that all models can carry is 352 pounds. The maximum stair height is 8.25 inches. All models disassemble into three parts, which makes it easy to put into any vehicle, and enjoy the quality of life that we all deserve.

The decision for you is why are you purchasing it? If you need a wheelchair most of the time and have a door opening 30 inches or larger, stair length should be 30 inches plus 4 for maneuverability and a minimum of 44 x 36 inch landing, than the Liftkar PT-U may be your chose. The PT-U works with almost all self-propelled chairs; standard, transport, sports and children’s wheelchairs. The PT-U weighs 61 pounds with the climbing device being the heaviest part at 38 pounds.

For passengers who are able to walk, but have difficulty getting up stairs the PT-S would be the best solution. The PT-S is best suited for narrow areas including spiral staircases. With the smallest footprint, a width requirement of 20 inches, stairs should be 20 inches with 4 additional inches for maneuverability. The landing must be 32 x 36 inches. It weighs a bit more because of the integrated seat, backrest, footrest and armrest. Total weight is 67 pounds with the climbing piece weighing 41 pounds. The 15 inch PT-S model has the the ability to maneuver down an commercial airplane aisle, RV or chartered jet.

Using a Quick Release Wheelchair (Medline K4) adapters are clamped onto the wheelchair, the chair is then attached to the LIFTKAR and the Quick Release Wheels are removed and placed in the resting bracket. And you are ready to go up and down the stairs! After completion keep the LIFTKAR attached after the Quick Release Wheels are back on and move around freely in the wheelchair.

Yes, In addition to purchasing we offer rental, rent with option to buy, and a special finance program.

Not at this time. The only exception may be with individual state funding for people with disabilities, Veterans Affairs (VA) or workers compensation. There are also non-for-profit organizations that will provide financing for the units. Please call us. We can provide a name for a facility in most state.


Mobility Lifter is an authorized service center located in the Chicago area. Fortunately repairs are rare. Wheels or battery replacement is the most common service need. Based on your personal or professional usage the life of the wheels or battery cannot be determined. Having a second battery pack allows continued use of the Liftkar PT.

It is recommended for personal use to have the unit inspected by an authorized dealer every two years. Professional users can call to discuss a service contract.


Not at all. Our units have very few parts, making it easy to use. A button turns it on and when the switch is pressed one arrow makes it go down the stairs and one arrow makes it go up the stairs. The unit is always set for one step mode. The button is held down through the complete stair cycle. This process is repeated for each step. Can’t be much easier than that.


Very safe. With anything new it takes familiarization with the product. And that is why we require the attendant(s) to read the manual. One of our trained staff comes out and shows you how to use the unit and we answer all of your questions. At the end of the visit a Certificate is awarded stating the attendant has been trained on the Liftkar PT. The device does all of the heavy lifting when moving up or down the stairs. Safety is most important to us, and making sure the passenger is comfortable. The attendant’s comfort level is equally important because that is reflected to the passenger.
The Liftkar PT has been marketed through out the world for almost a decade, while portable stair climbers have been in the European market for more than 25 years. Reliability and safety have been the foundation of SANO Trasportgeraete’s business practice.

Liftkar PT works with all stair materials: carpet, stone, metal, wood, tile, marble. You should not use it on the stairs if they are broken, damaged, wet or slippery. Always remember, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable walking on the steps, do not use the Lifkar PT on those steps.

No, as a result of the unique climbing mechanism and thanks to the special polyurethane tires, the edges of the steps are well protected. The Liftkar PT Lifts up and down the stairs, not touching the riser.

As a rule, one charge of the battery has the reserve power to climb 300 to 500 steps. This does vary dependent on the passenger weight. When not in use the battery should remain charged, to assist with extending the life of the battery.


It allows an individual the freedom to enjoy their entire home and be a part of the whole family, whether that family resides in that home or in another city or state. It allows you the ability to go places. And you can do this with a product that was designed to be reliable and safe.

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