The Mobility Lifter Story

Mobility Lifter Staff
Garrett & Hannah Gerst

Mobility Lifter was founded in 2011 out of a need to assist the founder’s aging mother up and down the stairs of their home.  Doctors had informed the family that her knees could no longer take the abuse of going up and down the stairs, leaving her stranded and confined to an upstairs bedroom, away from the family and people who love her. With determination, enthusiasm, love and wanting to keep her part of the family they searched for a product to allow her to again be part of everyday interaction on the main level of their home. After many months of researching the founder discovered that the only stair lift available in the USA was extremely expensive and limited to only one home because it would need to be installed along a staircase. 

Soon she discovered the LIFTKAR PT manufactured in Austria by SANO Transportgeraete GmBH. Unfortunately the LIFTKAR PT was not currently available in the USA but was the answer to their prayers. After contacting SANO directly they were told there was not a dealer available in the USA due to FDA restrictions and the lack of personnel to pursue the work needed to achieve the product approvals.  Working together with SANO they created Mobility Lifter, LLC the exclusive LIFTKAR PT dealer here in the USA. LIFTKAR PT is now available in the USA and Canada exclusively through Mobility Lifter.

In 2021, the original founder sold the company to retire and move to Europe.  The new owners, the Gerst family, moved the operation to the Atlanta, GA area.

About the LIFTKAR PT

The LIFTKAR PT is a product designed to benefit the not only those with temporary or permanent disabilities, but also their family. The professional and commercial marketplaces also benefit through the opportunity to provide access with expensive and unsightly building modifications. SANO has developed a model specifically designed to provide handicapped access to airplanes, RVs and other commercial transportation vehicles.  Because it is attendant operated, easy to use, battery operated and lightweight, this stair climber is completely mobile and usable anywhere, in or out, up or down almost any stairs. Please take the time to review this product and contact us if you any additional questions.

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