Ann C

"For anyone who wishes to expand their ability to get around I would definitely recommend the Liftkar unit. I found the Liftkar training to be superb. Jeanine and Vito explained the mechanics of the machine so I could understand how it would react in different situations. They explained how to assemble the unit, care of the battery, and the safety features. They were very strong on safety, safety, safety for both the operator and rider. During the training Jeanine made sure my husband was included, even though he was wheelchair bound, I felt she had a lot of compassion for those in need. They spend time training us at my son’s location. They left, and then came back to see how our practicing went. The next day they came to my house to make sure the unit could accommodate my doorway and steps. I was very satisfied with the overall training Jeanine and Vito gave to my family. They were very professional and yet, almost like family by the time we were done with our training."

Ricki C

"After two years of being house bound in a wheelchair we can finally get my 85 year old dad with Parkinson's out and about. The stairs to his apartment made it next to impossible to get out and there was no way to build a ramp, we were forced to carry him in the wheelchair, and it took two of us. Now one person can do the job and the Liftkar makes it possible for family and caretakers to take him on outings. Although it takes a while to get comfortable with using the Liftkar, after it is mastered it is very comfortable. Even my dad (a former engineer) is thrilled with it. Unlike a stair chair which solves one challenge, the Liftkar can solve the issue of stairs wherever you go, it is truly ingenious. Thank you Jeanine for bringing them to America."


"Today (Saturday) I brought Sylvia downstairs for the first time since we've been here without a problem. She is still downstairs enjoying the den area and this morning she was on the upper level stiting at the table enjoying breakfast.
The LiftKar is GREAT! She has had therapist, nurses and aids come in to see her and are in sheer amazement as to how the lift works and want additonal information because they are aware of so many people that could benefit from it."

James S

"The Liftkar PT has been invaluable in providing stair access not only within our homes but also in visiting other homes."

Julie S

"Your service and product have literally meant the world to our families. Thank you for being one of our partners in the fight."

David Z

"The LiftKar is everything we hoped it would be! My wife thinks it is miraculous! I was able to get her up to Jeff's condo by myself today. We never could do that in the past. I really think we will visit Boston and our family more often now that we have easy access."

Rea A

"I wanted my Mom (83 years young) to come live with me but thought it wasn’t going to happen as I live in a condo. There are 13 steps that would need to be climbed, and my Mom is confined to a wheel chair. The condo association basically told me that I could not build a ramp nor install any kind of automatic step climber that would need to be put on a wall which is considered common area. Not to mention there was no way they would allow tampering with a firewall in order to bring electricity that a unit like this would require. LiftKar was my miracle. Jeanine was so helpful in getting the chair to me with so little lead time. The entire process of ordering, delivering, and training took less than than 7 days. Vito’s training was excellent. You need to practice with the chair after the training before putting someone in the chair. It took me 3 days of practicing. Just watch the angle of the chair--that’s the tough one but now I’ve got it mastered. Jeanine, Vito, and Ruth are great people to work with."

Mark W

"Liftkar is a God Send. Helped a ton! I don't know what we would have done without it!"

Mr & Mrs R

"I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Liftkar PT. After a couple of weeks of use we are very comfortable with it and delighted that we continue to find new ways to take advantage of its capabilities. As you know we spent considerable time researching options that would allow us to get our daughter, up and down our stairs. We initially considered getting a stair-lift but for our needs there were many issues with that approach. Our stairs have a 180-degree turn so any stair-lift we bought would have to be custom made and quite expensive. The fact that it would be custom made meant that we would not be able to remove the unit and re-use it should we move to a new home, thus the cost would be lost. Using a stair-lift would also mean doing transfers from her wheelchair at the bottom and top of the stairs. While a stair-lift can provide an individual the ability to go up and down stairs independently she would not be able to operate the lift herself so that benefit would be of no use to us. With the Liftkar PT our daughter can go from sitting at the kitchen table having dinner, up the stairs, and into her bedroom without leaving her seat. This is a tremendous labor savings for us. She seems to enjoy her rides up and down the stairs and it is comfortable, height and angle adjustable, and narrow enough to go through our smallest doorways, all unexpected bonuses. I would like to commend you on the quality of the service we have received from you, Vito, and Leigh at 101 Mobility. Our need was sudden and urgent. The time from when we placed our order until we received our Liftkar was less than 2 weeks. Quotes for stair-lifts were typically in the 5-8 week range. The training you and Vito provided was outstanding. We had questioned the need for training and whether or not the content would be useful. You really blew us away with your knowledge of the product, your tips and techniques, and your highly interactive, hands-on training delivery approach. Your passion for helping others was evident throughout the time you spent with us. We wish you all the best and hope for your continued success in your efforts to get this product into the hands of all those who can benefit from it.


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